Leo and Edith Holiday
Leo and Edith Holiday
I attended boarding school on the reservation until 7th grade.  Went off the res, and completed my schooling. 
Have a 2 year degree in electronics.  I started making these items, about 4 years ago, and source of 2nd income, and made it a hobby.
I am Navaho, from the Monument Valley area.  Born at home. 
I know the life on the reservation, no running water, electricity, or any type of utility. 
We do have running water now, and some utilities.  With the exception of cable.
I am the 4th in a family of 7 kids.  Two sister, and 4 brothers(two of which are not here any longer). 
I am from the Red House clan.

Lavern Little
Lavern Little

Lavern Little Hails from Rosebud South Dakota and grew up on the reservation there.  He has lived and been making art locally for over twenty years.  His Art has appeared in the Heard museum in Phoenix and his artwork has been used in several books on Sioux history, most recently his artwork appeared on the cover of “Dakota Dawn” by Gregory F. Michno.

The Pentagon purchased several of Lavern’s peace pipes to give out to Foreign dignitaries following the completion of the Iraqi Freedom War in Iraq and the Dept of Veteran’s affairs has purchased several of his Peace pipes in the years since.

American-Indian-art.com is the exclusive seller of Lavern’s Artifacts.

Marlin Goldtooth
Marlin is Navajo and lives on the Navajo reservation in Tuba City, Arizona.
Marilns arrows are unique in that he uses no glue on his arrows.  Making them the most true to period to the frontier days in some ways.   


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