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Reed branch Arrow
Reed branch ArrowReed branch Arrow
$25.00 Each
Agate tip arrows made with hand harvested desert reed.
60 in Stock

These arrows are by Lavern Little, Lakota Sioux.   Arrows are about 29 inches long.
Lavern hand harvest all of the Reed shafts on these himself.  Then painstakingly runs them through a cut rock to break the fibers in them to straighten them out.  He then uses a Leather glove to rub oil into the wood “Schucking” the bark remains and bending and smoothing them.  After this he tightly wraps bundles of the prepared reed and dries them slowly for several weeks to allow them to dry straight before he begins construction of these arrows. Some stress cracking occurs but is kept too a minimal.  These arrows are the constructed with sinew, stone  tips and Laverne's painted feathers.  He notches his shafts and hand wraps the Stone and feathers with Sinew.   These are very authentic frontier days arrows.  Notice the notch he uses at the feather end of the Arrows.  He carves out a ring before the notch to pull the arrow back in the Bow to shoot. 
A nice and unique touch.


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