28-32 Inch Arrows:

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Arrow of light,
Painted feather arrows
32" Agate tip White Fletching arrows - $16.00 each
Made by Laverne Little (Dakota Sioux)
Shaft Diameter is 3/8"
Usable shaft length - 21"
50 in Stock

Bone tip arrows
30.5" Bone tip 
Black Fletching arrows - $17.00 each
Made by Leo Holiday,  Leo is Navajo.
Longer shafts cost more.  Shaft Diameter is 3/8"
Usable shaft length - 21"
100 In Stock

Cedar Arrow
$19.00 Each
These arrows are by Marlin Goldtooth  ~32" long
Marlin's arrows are made of bronze wild turkey feathers.
The Arrow Shafts are made of Cedar wood,
 and arrowheads are real agate stone river rock.
Made with no glue, just sinew, the old way!
Usable shaft length - 21"
80 in stock

hand cut bone tip Arrow
$20.00 Each
Hand cut bone tips
28" long,  .36 Dia.
These arrows are by Lavern Little, Dakota Sioux.  
Feathers are square cut Bronze turkey.
Usable shaft length - 18"
100 in stock

Reed branch Arrow
$25.00 Each
Agate tip arrows made with hand harvested
and hand cured Desert Reed!
These arrows are by Lavern Little, Dakota Sioux.
Lavern hand harvest all of the Reed shafts
on these himself.
 ~29" long
Usable shaft length - 18"
50 in Stock


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