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Plaques and Accessories

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Arrow of light Sunrise Plaque
Sunrise Plaques  $40.00 Each* ~27" long
These plaques are unfinished and made of .5" Baltic Birch material. 
These plaques come pre drilled with
cuphook's you screw in yourself.
100 in Stock

Arrow of light plaque
 Arrow Plaques  $18.00 Each
8 ~27" long

These plaques are unfinished and made of .5" Baltic Birch material.
These plaques come pre drilled and with cuphook's you screw in yourself.

100 in stock

Feather straps
$7.00 each
Blue and gold (yellow) Beaded Feather straps
~24" bead to bead (not including beads and feathers)
Made with Natural Hackle Feathers
Only 2 left!

Hand Painted Eagle Feather Coup
Bald Eagle Feather (Adolescent Dark phase)
  8 in Stock

Coup Feathers
Beaded Coup Feather
Blue and gold (yellow) Beaded Coup Feathers
Wild barred turkey feather for hanging your Award arrow
  9-11 Inch Feathers  $11.00 each
Only 1 left in stock
I will not be getting more

Coup Feathers
$15.00 each
Hand Painted Feather Coups
Navajo made
Feather size and Color scheme vary,  
No special request please.
Loop may not fit over all Arrow tips.
Click to see Closeups   
76 in stock

Bone arrow heads
Bone Arrowheads
10 for 8
3" wide, 1/8th thick, width varies

Agate arrow heads
Agate Arrowheads
10 for $7.00

Lengths vary from 1.5" to 2.0 inches long
Widths and thickness vary as well,  Sorry no special request.
I grab the top ten in the bucket,  The more you buy the more variety you get
100 in Stock

Feather straps
$7.00 each
Agate Arrow head necklaces
with blue and yellow glass beads.
Straps over 28" long each.
Cut and tie to fit

Carnelian arrow heads
 Carnelian Arrowheads
 5 for $8.00
Lengths vary from 1" to 1.5 inches long
Widths and thickness vary as well,  Sorry no special request.
I grab the top 5 in the bag,  The more you buy the more variety you get
29 in Stock

Vinyl Striping tape
I do not currently offer this item.
For you convenience i have a link to a site that offers
probably the cheapest and most complete  tape kit here"
Vinyl Tape link

Vinyl Striping is one of many ways you can stripe
your arrow of light arrow.
Here is a document that discusses these
 as well as ways to display you arrow.
Striping and Display Ideas

Arrow fletchings and points
$15.00 each 3 Color combinations available
10 Precut Fletchings, 3 Precut and stained Bone tips and 10' of Sinew
For those wanting to Try building their own arrows
Not and easy task!
Click to see kits



25 Inch Arrow of light award arrows
25 Inch Arrows:

28-32 Inch Arrow of light award arrows
28-32 Inch Arrows

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Striping and Display Ideas
A review of various striping techniques and different ways to display your Career Arrow!

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*Please Note:  We had to raise our pricing for the first time in 10 years.
Labor has increased and We had to do a last time buy of the Baltic Birch sheets needed to make these,
Baltic Birch comes exclusively from Russia and no more is being imported.
We were lucky enough to get the last stock our supplier had, but it was pricey
Birch is a great wood with great lines for taking a stain
So I am happy we were able to procure it