Arrow Striping and Display Guide

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Traditionally, Arrows were painted with achievements strips customized for each Individual
Here is a PDF File created by Keith Angle describing each color band, its width and significance.
This document also describes a plaque, which I approximated (See Below) and a Sample Oath.

In the past couple of years there has been a move away from paint towards Vinyl adhesive strips.
These strips are quicker to apply and are relatively a cheap alternative to buying all the color paints
you would need for the traditional painted strips.   I do not carry these Vinyl strips, but for those of you that
would like to try this method, here is a link to the most cost effective and complete set of strips I have found:

Another idea that has really caught on over the years is using thread or embroidery floss
Here is an example technique of this on a finished arrow.

Arrow fo light done with Embroidery floss
Arrow of light done with embroidery floss

Details for applying the thread can be found here courtesy of Kearstin Brewer.
This idea also lends itself to using beadwork for those that have access to multicolored beads.

There are also various methods for displaying your completed Arrow of light Arrow.
One Idea I came up with was to use a leather feather strap tied off on both ends of the arrow.

Here is an example of an arrow hung in this way:
Feather straps
Arrow hung by a feather strap

I offer these Feather straps for only $6 Each making them probably the most inexpensive way to display your arrow
These straps can be cut in 2 to hang the arrow from a plaque as well!

Another popular way to display your Career arrow is to use a plaque,  I offer 2 styles,
A Arrow Plaque, in the shape of an arrow, and a Sunrise plaque,  Below is a sample arrow displayed on my Sunrise plaque.
Note that this plaque is Satined using  Cherry Stain.  I sell these plaques unstained,  but you can use this as a reference
for deciding whether to stain or not and whether you like a darker or light stain then the Cherry Shown.

Arrow of light Award arrows and plaques
Sunrise plaque with Hand Painted Feather (sold separately)

Here is a Reject Plaque I donated to a local Pack,
Turned out real nice despite the Plug on the front Face that made it unsellable.
Fully decorated Sunrise Plaque

These plaques can be found for sale here:

Another way to display your Career arrow is to use a Shadow Box.
Here is a sample of what can be done courtesy of  Steven Lee of Pack 681 in San Diego

alt="Arrow of light Shadowbox display" src="Shadowbox.jpg">

This Display utilizes the Vinyl tape striping kits reference above, a 16"x20" Shadow Box
that can be purchased from a Micheal's or Hobby Lobby near you
and one of my 25" Arrows.  As you can see its a perfect fit!
The clips to hold the arrow in place can be purchased here.

Mark Lederer, Cubmaster of Pack 7178 in American Canyon California shared another idea.

AOL plaque Idea

He used our Hand painted feathers
 He placed a wolf feather on the left -
Signifying from how they started in Scouts and
an eagle feather on right - signifying to where they are looking:  Eagle Scout!  Everyone was very pleased! 

I hope this helps stir some ideas for your own Arrow of light Display.
If you have any additional ideas on ways to Strip or display your Arrow of light Arrows, Please drop me a line and let me know what they are.

Happy Scouting!

Ed Hayden


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