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Arrow of light Award arrows and plaques

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25 Inch Arrow of light award arrows
25 Inch Arrows:
We offer 4 types of 25" Arrows,  2 with Scout colored fletchings. We also carry arrows with black, brown spotted fletchings.  These are all Native American made arrows perfect for your Arrow of Light Award ceremonies.  Prices range from $16 to $18(Beaded)

28-32 Inch Arrow of light award arrows
28-32 Inch Arrows
For those needing longer arrows we we have 2 different arrow of light arrows between 28 and 32 inches, also Native American made,  In cases the shorter arrows don't give enough room for decorating your arrow with your child's achievement stripes.
Prices starting at $18 each

Arrow of light Plaques, Coup feathers, and Painted feathers.
Plaques and Accessories
We offer 2 styles of arrow of light plaques.  The sunrise plaque is our biggest seller, but we also have an arrow plaque for those with smaller budgets.  We also offer beaded feather straps that can be used to hang your Arrow of light arrows.  We feature American Indian painted feathers, coup feathers, and Arrow head necklaces.  We also carry arrow points for creating you own arrows.

Here is my most recent unsolicited Referral:  (See more referrals here)

Hi Ed.  Wanted to let you know we received the arrows.

  They are truly beautiful; certainly much better and more sophisticated
than anything I would have been able to craft, so thank you so very much.!
There’s a bunch of us that are still extremely grateful to have found you online. 
We’ll spread the word!  Cub Scouts everywhere should know you and know your craftsmanship.  :O)

Be good and be well,

Tamara Pelham   02/28/19


 The arrows arrived extremely safe (nice packaging) and look absolutely beautiful. 
I’ve made a lot of traditional arrows and these are TOP NOTCH.
I seriously look forward to awarding these to my AOLs in March.   Thank you so much.   
I will absolutely be recommending these and your work to anyone I talk to about AOL awards.

 Thanks again very much,

 Kevin Cobb  01/04/19

Reference contact info available per request

These arrows make especially good Arrow of Light Arrows as the are American Indian made Arrows!
All arrows shown are fully assembled!!! Perfect for use as arrow of light arrows.
We want you to say you have too many choices!  We also now provide AOL plaques, coup feathers, and other accessories!

We use Priority Mail from USPS to ship your orders, it usually takes 3-6 days for them to arrive.

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Take Advantage of these excellent Arrow of light preparation guides and suggestions!
Here is a PDF file on the arrow and award preparation, Courtesy of Keith Angle
Here is a file Webelos Career Arrow, created by
Kearstin Brewer on an alternative way to decorate your arrows using thread.

Webelos arrows - Scout Arrows

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Striping and Display Ideas
A review of various striping techniques and different ways to display your Career Arrow!

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Quality Native American Art for your home decoration needs.  Also carrying bows and quivers for your AOL ceremony

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Plaques and Accessories

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